The Original Merle Tricolor American Bullies In Canada

Here at Handsome Boy Kennels creating these amazing animals is our dream and our passion.  

We take great pride in meeting and exceeding our customers demands and breed our dogs to the highest possible standard in terms of temperament, health, structure, and of course beautiful and rare colored coats.

Platinum/Powder Blue Merle and cream tricolour? Lilac/pearl Merle ghost tricolor? No problem, we specialize in producing all the rare coats you desire.

A Leader In The Industry

The first breeder to breed Merle tricolor American bullies in Canada and from the prestigious lines of Louis V and 2011 bully of the year Grand Champion Boston George, Handsome Boy Kennels is on the front line of Merle breeding in American bullies and are truly blessed to share our passion for these beautiful animals with you.

Merle Tri Color American Bully
Handsome Boy Kennels "Dalton" in his Winter Camo
American Bully Breeders
Handsome Boy Kennels "Reiko" on patrol through the snow
Chocolate/Lilac and Tan Merle Tricolor American Bully runs forward through green grass smiling at the camera

"Eden" Living Her Best Life

Vernon, BC, Canada

Top quality designer dogs deserve the highest quality diet and lifestyle and we take that to heart.

You wouldn't put low grade fuel in your Ferrari and only drive it to the grocery store on Sundays would you?

Neither would we!

Just like you would want to run only premium fuel in your Luxury car and run it on the highway frequently our Designer Dogs go for runs up and down the mountain a minimum of 4 times a day and are Free Range and Hand Raised In Beautiful Vernon British Columbia on a diet of...

- Raw meat

-Fruit and vegetables

-Meat protein supplement

-High quality zero grain kibble

Our dogs eat only the finest of foods and recieve tons of daily excersise and attention to ensure peak development, both physically and mentally as they are being raised to be the highest quality American Bullies in the World.

Our puppies are cared for with the utmost attention and love before they are sent off to their forever homes to ensure the best possible start to their lives and are given their...



-Puppy Start Right Training

-Crate Training

-Vet Checked Three Times


And have the option to be Micro Chipped and receive the Rabies Vaccination

All pet puppies must be Spayed/Neutered by their new owner within 6 months and the owners will enter into a contract stating so. 

Pets to Canadian customers at 8 weeks, American customers at 15 weeks plus 30 days quarantine for proof of rabies vaccination before crossing border. 



Merle Is Advanced Breeding

-First off what is Merle?

Merle is not a coat color in itself but rather a coat condition that effects whatever color the dog would have been prior to the Merle gene taking effect.

The Merle coloring shows up in patches on what would otherwise be solid patches of color on the dogs fur, affects skin pigment and also causes blue and other rare coloring to the eyes.

Breeding Merle is advanced breeding and should only be attempted by advanced breeders with the proper research, knowledge and experience backing them. This is entirely for the protection of the animals and the breed in general and here at Handsome Boy Kennels we take that Seriously.

It is for this reason that Puppies intended for breeding are available only to Exclusive Breeders who are proven to know their way through the ins and outs of Merle Genetics. To advance your knowledge on Merle and the other Genetic conditions we deal with here at Handsome Boy Kennels I highly suggest reading our Post...

American Bully Breeding 

This post contains a wealth of knowledge on the subject that we have accumulated and compiled through years of research.

Also, Taking a look at this post about Merle Genetics...

-Merle Genetics

These educational resources will help you grasp an introduction into the world of breeding Merle Tricolor American Bullies.