*Update* Luna Has Been Adopted!

Hi I'm Luna! 

I'm 2.5 years old and am a bundle of enthusiasm! I love my toys, I love playing fetch and I especially just love running, I also like sun bathing so you'll have a hard time getting my inside in the summer! If you need a running partner, hiking friend, a protector and someone who will also just lounge on the couch with you on those sundays I am your girl!

I like the attention to be all on me and I dont like sharing my toys or food so I need to be the only dog as that's best for me. Because of my high energy I would like to be in a family with just adults or older children, my big muscles and my clumsiness can scare or hurt little children and I dont want to do that.
I am house trained and kennel trained, I love my kennel for bed time. It's my safe zone, but I also love the couch while I wait for you to come home from work.

American Bully Adoption
American Bully Adoption

If you want a really athletic dog that can keep up with you and just LOVES fetch then look no further! I am the one! 
I will need a family or forever home that is aware of my need for exercising and training. I love to track, play fetch, and I love my puller and red ball.

I will need a fenced yard as I like to run! Sometimes I will dig, so if you give me an area I'm allowed to dig in that's the only place I'll dig. Or if you take me to the beach I'll dig you a hole to China, it's one of my favourite things to do!

I love to work for treats! My favourite treats are apples and blue berries but I also love any other type of vegetable! If you have treats for me you can make me do anything possible! 
I also love going to my friend Lindseys house she has the best Doggy Daycare, that is where I get my socialization in with other doggo friends,they are so good with me there, they know which dogs are my friends and the ones who arent, I love my sleepover weekends there with the girls!

I'm very timid with new people especially men, but I warm up quite fast if you have treats, a ball to throw and arent nervous around me.

Even though I come off tough at first, I promise I am just a big ol suck who loves my toys, food, car rides, sunshine and owner.

If you would like to hear more about me, and set up a potential meet, please message my Mom. 
My mom is very protective of me just like I am with her, she will not let me go to just anyone. You have to be the perfect family for me as I am quite special you know!?

Thank you for reading! 
~ Luna Bravi, The Merle American Bully

**You will go through an interview, a meet and greet, a sleepover for a weekend and then a slow transition before Luna will officially move in with you. I am also asking if this can be an open adoption where I can still come and visit her.
I Will be asking for references, and you'll need to fill out the adoption form.****