The Pocket American Bully

The Perfect Family Dog

I still remember the first time I laid eyes on a Pocket American Bully. I was blown away, I had never seen anything like it before in my Life. A beautifully built, compact, small/medium size dog that had a muscular and athletic form despite its smaller size. Pocket American Bullies range from 17 to 14 inches at the withers (Shoulder Blades) for males and 16 to 13 inches at the withers for females and all with a broad and deep chest but one that is not overly exaggerated either. Fur is no longer than a half inch long with a gloss coat and eyes shaped like ovals or almonds.  They have a muscular neck with minimal loose skin and well defined jaws with no overbite or underbite signifying healthy genetics in this breed.

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A large powerful head gives it a commanding presence but always accompanied by the necessary friendly and social temperament. The Pocket American Bully is one of, if not the most loving and friendly dogs I have ever encountered. I've been told by many people they consider it to be the ultimate family dog as it is small enough to not cause a massive disturbance in your home and is easy to take care of but also big enough and athletic enough to provide protection while showing nothing but unconditional love and compassion for its family. They are amazing intuitive companion animals that are great with small children, other dogs, and adults alike.

Pocket Bullies are extremely intelligent animals and with the right amount of effort and patience on behalf of the owner combined with proper training methods and techniques they can be extremely well trained and obedient. It is important to start training your bully at a young age as their brain and personality is much more flexible in the puppy stage. Once they reach adulthood things become much harder as far as training goes although its not impossible to make training progress at that stage either. I will be making a post about training methods and techniques for American Bullies in the near future for all of you out there who may appreciate some advise on the subject.

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Thats all for now folks! I hope you enjoyed the read! I will admit I am slightly biased when it comes to my prefered breed but facts are facts and I as well as many others truly believe that the Pocket American Bully is one of, if not the best Family dog available. They are highly intelligent, athletic, loving dogs that all have unique and interesting personalities and can be highly trained. Last but not least if the breeding is done correctly and to a high standard like we have here at Handsome Boy Kennels they have great genetics and are visually stunning!

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~ Isaac Brule - Founder of Handsome Boy Kennels


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